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Goniophotometer GO-FI 2000
  • Calibration of luminous flux standard lamps
  • Precise flux measurements for documentation, quality control, research and development
  • Estimation of intensity distributionof small light sources with short photometric distances, e. g. automotive lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, small luminaires, LED
  • Measurement of illuminance distributions in C-planes, cone surfaces or a spirale line at constant burning position of the light source
  • Numerical integration of luminous flux and calculation of intensity ditribution with computer
  • Standard version for light sources up to 2 m diameter and weight of 50 kg; required room height 4.7 m. Special versions possible
  • Photometer mounting on rotating arm
  • Lamp rotating with
    • Wiring for electrical supply and measurement is integrated and connected via precision slip ring contacts to the test sample
    • pendent, standing, or horizontal burning position of the test lamp
    • Motoric adjustable test sample position
  • Absolute angle encoders with 0.1° accuracy for both photometer and lamp axis
  • Absolute angle encoders with 0.1° accuracy for both axis
  • Built-in adjustment laser
  • Accuracy class L (highest accuracy) acc. to DIN 5032 part 7
  • Special high precise cosine-correction with in the possible range of light incidence
  • Highest precision system-photometer head, thermostated, built-in amplifier and tube for straylight reduction
  • Display unit with calibration in lx and up to three more calibrations, e.g. in cd
Measurement and Control Unit
  • Digital display of photometric values, angles, and rotation speeds with devices for manual control, remote control, safety controls, test circuits, computer coupling with IEEE-488 Bus Interface
  • Electrical power supply and indicating instruments for test lamps
  • Remote control close to the goniometer with display of photometric values and angles for manual control during mounting and adjustment of test samples
Computer, Software and Services
  • Personal computer and LMT LIMES 2000 Software for automatic measurement and evaluation
  • consulting, user training, mounting, and service
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