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Goniophotometer GO-V 1900
  • Measurement and evaluation of light technical characteristics of luminaires, small floodlights, and other light sources for product development, documentation, quality control, research, and education in lighting industries and at test laboratories
  • Rotation of test samples around the vertical and horizontal axis
  • Applicable for luminaires with incandescent and discharge lamps whose luminous flux is independent of the burning position
  • Maximum size of test samples 1 900 mm and 50 kgs
  • Goniophotometer with luminaire turning device
  • Stable mechanical base with horizontal and vertical turning axis
  • DC motors with three rotation speeds for both axis
  • Absolute angle encoders with 0.1° accuracy for both axis
  • Arm for test samples, horizontally adjustable
  • Mounting table with clamping grooves and threaded rings
  • Integrated wiring for electrical supply and measurements
  • Accuracy class L (highest accuracy) acc. to DIN 5032 part 7
  • Highest precision system-photometer head, thermostated, built-in amplifier, and tube for straylight reduction
  • Display unit with calibration in lx and up to three more calibrations, e.g. in cd
Measurement and Control Unit
  • Digital display of photometric values and angles with devices for manual control, computer coupling with IEEE-488 Bus Interface
Additional Equipment for Measurement in B-Planes
  • Applicable for certain lamps and luminaires whose luminous flux is dependent from their burning position
  • Lamp axis remains in a constant burning position
  • Maximum size of test samples 600 mm and 5 kgs
Additional Equipment for Luminous Flux Measurement
  • Additional equipment for luminous flux measurements on bare lamps
  • Mounting stand with provisions to fix lamp holders in pendent or standig position
  • Mounting arm with adapter and stray light tube for fixing a special photometer head to the goniometer arm
  • Special system photometer head with high precise cosine correction in the angular range of light incidence
  • Additional photometer heads with stray light tubes and tripods for additional photometric distances
  • Secondary mirror device for extension of the photometric distance
  • Electrical power supply and indicating instruments for test lamps
  • Remote control close to the goniometer with display of photometric values and angles for manual control during mounting and adjustment of test samples
Computer, Software and Services
  • Personal computer and LMT LIMES 2000 Software for automatic measurement and evaluation
  • Consulting, user training, mounting, and service
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